Alternate Assets

Alternate Assets

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF’s) can be viewed as including any investment that is not a traditional investment. Typically, traditional investments include equities, fixed income, or real estate.


Start up funds / early stage funds

Venture Capital Fund falls under Category 1 of the AIF regulations and is an investment fund that manages money from investors seeking private equity stakes in start-up and small and medium-size enterprises that show strong growth potential. These investments are generally characterized as high-risk/high-return opportunities.

Infrastructure Funds

The Indian economy requires huge investments in developing infrastructure like roads and power. Infrastructure funds channelize investments into these companies and thus make money for investors.


Gold Exchange Traded Funds are close ended funds that track the gold prices in India. Gold is regarded as one of the best hedging tools – be it against inflation, currency, stocks or fixed income. Gold protects one’s portfolio from volatility against micro and macro-economic factors that tend to have significant impact on other asset classes, as they have virtually no or little impact on gold prices.


Chris helps you trade in commodities through multiple exchanges in a variety of products like agro-commodities, precious metals, base metals and energy products. These investments could be in the form of commodity futures or in the form of spot delivery.

Rewards of investing in the commodities market depend purely on the investment decisions. Only informed decisions are hedged against risks in the commodities market. Chris helps all our clients with necessary advice to make the most out of the lucrative commodities market.