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Here at Chris Wealth Management , we offer comprehensive solutions in the fixed income segment. We suggest debt investment options of various tenures and risk-reward profiles suitable to your portfolio.


Investing in mutual funds offers you as an individual investor with a means of investing in a variety of securities across equity, debt, and global markets that you may find difficult to invest on your own.


Non convertible debentures are issued by the company so as to raise money from public. It is for a specific tenure where the company pays a fixed interest on the investment. NCDs cannot be converted into shares. On maturity, principal amount along with interest will be paid. Agencies such as CRISIL, ICRA, CARE and Fitch Ratings give ratings to the company that raise money through NCD


Company fixed deposits are safer and profitable means of investment as they yield better interest rates than banks. They are source of regular income.


Our Debt Portfolio Management Services (Debt PMS) are a platform that offers an opportunity to participate in debt securities that target regular income and capital appreciation.