Car Insurance Renewal

What is Car Insurance Renewal?

Every car insurance policy is valid only for a fixed tenure which may be 1 year, 3 years or 5 years after which it needs to be renewed. A car insurance renewal is essential to continue enjoying the benefits of the policy cover for your car.

You can get your car insurance policy renewed by any car insurance provider - be it the one from which you previously purchased a policy or a new insurer.

Online Car Insurance Renewal Process Through InsuranceBox

It is quite simple to renew a car insurance policy with the InsuranceBoxplatform. Here is the process to renew car insurance online through the InsuranceBoxportal:

Step 1: Visit and click on the tab for ‘car'.

Step 2: Enter your car's Registration Number and click ‘Proceed'. Now, select your car's fuel type and variant to proceed. If you do not remember your car's registration number, click on the ‘Don't know your car number?' option and select your car's brand name, model, fuel type, variant, registration year, registration city and RTO.

Step 3: Provide the expiry date of your previous car insurance policy and the name of your previous car insurer. Tell us if you had made any claim during the previous policy and click on ‘Continue'.

Step 4: Fill in your personal details - name and mobile number and the number of days by when do you want the car to be insured. Click on ‘Submit and Get Quotes'.

Step 5: All available premium quotes from different insurers will be displayed to you. Compare and select the quote which best suits your requirements. At this stage, you can also opt for different add-ons, accessories and passenger cover.

Step 6: Click on the ‘Buy Now' button, confirm your details, and proceed with the payment. You can make payment using your credit/debit card or other net banking facilities. The policy will be issued instantly to you and you will receive the policy document at your registered email address.

Benefits of Car Insurance Renewal

The renewal of a car insurance policy is not just a matter of procedure to continue to avail the policy, but it brings various benefits with it as well. Renewal of car insurance policy offers the following benefits:

1. Help You Stay Insured: Car Insurance Renewal helps the policyholder to stay insured continuously. If the policyholder meets with an accident just after one day of expiry of the policy the insurance company will not be able to assist him, such risks can be avoided with Car Insurance Renewal.

2. Helps You Keep No Claim Bonus (NCB) Intact: Car Insurance Renewal helps the policyholder keep their No Claim Bonus intact. NCB is provided when the policyholder renews the car insurance policy without raising any claim during the period. NCB ranges between 20% to 50% depending upon the number of claim-free years.

3. Gives You The Option To Change Your Insurance Company: Car Insurance Renewal helps the policyholder to change their insurance provider as mostly the first-time car insurance policy is purchased from the car dealer. Later on, policyholders can conveniently change the insurance company and features of the policy as they have the option and opportunity at that time to do so.

4. To Opt Or Alter Add-On Covers: If you wish to enhance the coverage of your car insurance policy, then you can opt for add-on covers or riders or can change the existing ones during the renewal process of your policy as per your needs. The availability of add-on covers may vary on the basis of add-on covers like zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance, engine cover, etc.

5. Saves You From Penalty: Driving a car without holding a valid insurance cover is a punishable offence as per the Indian Motor Tariff. Therefore, it is quite significant to keep your car insurance policy active by renewing it timely. It will surely help you to drive your car on the road freely without worrying about the penalty.Driving a car without holding a valid insurance cover is a punishable offence as per the Indian Motor Tariff. Therefore, it is quite significant to keep your car insurance policy active by renewing it timely. It will surely help you to drive your car on the road freely without worrying about the penalty.

​Car Insurance Renewal Process - Through Insurer Company's Website

Here is the process to renew your car insurance through the official website of the insurance company:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the insurer. Go to the car insurance renewal section available on the website.

Step 2: Enter your previous car insurance policy details - previous policy number and your car's registration number/engine number/chassis number.

Step 3: Check the policy details and the policy renewal premium and proceed with the payment of the renewal fee. Generally available modes of online payments are - credit card, debit card and Net banking.

Factors To Consider While Renewing Car Insurance Policy Online

Given below are some factors which you should consider while renewing your car insurance plan online:

  • Claim settlement ratio of insurers. The ratio tells the percentage of total claims settled by an insurer out of the total claims received in a financial year.
  • If the insurer is offering the correct IDV for your car.
  • Easy of renewal process - if it is instant, user-friendly and paperless.
  • Availability of after-sales and customer assistance services offered by the insurer.

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Car Insurance Renewal FAQs

To renew car insurance online, visit InsuranceBoxand go to the car insurance renewal section. Then enter your previous policy number and expiry date of the policy. Verify the details and premium. Make a payment online and your car insurance policy will get renewed.

Yes, it is possible to renew a car insurance policy even after missing the deadline, however, the same is not advisable. The renewal option is open for 90 days from the expiry date but an inspection of the car is mandatory. After the said 90-days window, a car insurance policy cannot be renewed. In such a case, you will have to buy a new insurance policy for your car to keep it insured.

Yes. You can opt-in/opt-out for add-on covers at the time of renewal of their car insurance policy.

The duration of the car insurance renewal varies from insurer to insurer. A car insurance policy generally gets renewed instantly when the previous and current insurer is the same. However, in the case of a switch from an existing insurer to a new insurer, the renewal might take a few days time.

Most insurers allow policyholders to retain their No Claim Bonus (NCB) discounts even if they migrate from a different insurance provider. In general practice also, NCB discounts of the previous year for regular policyholders are retained at the time of renewal.

You can change the IDV of your car at the time of policy renewal. However, there is a maximum cap for the IDV value which varies from insurer to insurer.

Yes, timely reminders are send by InsuranceBoxthrough email, messages etc. to its customers free of charge.

Yes, you can renew your car insurance policy early.

A Car Insurance policy must be renewed before its expiry date. This keeps the car insured against the risk without any break. Generally, car insurance companies send timely reminders to policyholders about the renewal through a telephone call or an email well in advance.

If your car insurance policy has expired, you can still get it renewed within 90 days from the date of expiry. This 90-day window is known as the break-in period. Post the break-in period, a policy cannot be renewed. Thus, if you miss renewing your policy even within this 90-day period, you will be required to purchase a new car insurance policy.

Yes, you can opt for car insurance covers online at the time of renewal.

While some insurance companies allow their policyholders to opt for add-ons during the policy period, some do not. Thus, you need to check for this with your insurance company.

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